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Blister Entertainment is a leader in location-based entertainment. The company develops products for mobile operators around the world. The company's products are designed with one thing in common - location, and supported by an array of technologies that drive location-based entertainment.

Mobile entertainment revenues are forecast to grow to an estimated $25.1 billion worldwide by 2007, according to a recent report from ARC Group. It is anticipated this growth will be driven by the games sector, which is forecast to have an annual compounded growth rate of 60 per cent, achieving revenue of $7.4 billion by 2007.

Blister brings tremendous value to mobile operators who are looking for products and services that can increase data traffic on their networks. For mobile subscribers, Blister is creating a “wireless playground” by introducing a new genre of active gaming. Blister's products include the mobile phone user's location in the context of the game where the physical environment becomes part of the scenario.

Games to Go

Blister is at the forefront of location-based entertainment and is creating a new category within the worldwide mobile entertainment industry. In fact, Blister has developed North America's first location-based game called Swordfish will soon be available to mobile subscribers in Canada.

Blister's games can be played while being both stationery or on the move. The games are designed to make gaming more active and interactive by putting the player into the game experience and allowing them to play while walking or riding in a vehicle. They can also play against other gamers in other cities or countries.

Blister is Fun