KnowledgeWhere's Location Application Platform (LAP) delivers entertainment applications and services for mobile operators. This platform comprises several different engines that support single and multi-player games and entertainment products on mobile phones. The LAP customer base includes Blister Entertainment, mobile operators, and third-party game and entertainment developers around the world.

The LAP provides mobile content developers with an efficient and simple way to deliver their products to mobile operators. In turn, the mobile operators now have access to a location platform that can help expand their product offering to customers by increasing data traffic on their networks. The LAP provides these companies with new technology and more product distribution channels.

Swordfish™ is North America 's first location-based fishing game designed for Java enabled mobile phones that are GPS equipped.  The game system is comprised of three main components:  the client software that resides on the phone, KnowledgeWhere's game server (LAP), and the mobile providers' location-based system (LBS). Swordfish client software provides the gaming interface to the end-user.  It is written in J2ME but can easily be converted to BREW.

For more information on the Location Application Platform, visit the KnowledgeWhere website.

Network Operation Centre

Blister's Network Operation Centre is housed in one of Canada's premier providers of secure data facilities.  All systems and communications interfaces are fully redundant and secured using the highest levels of communications and data security available today.  The environment and services are monitored 24 x 7, 365 days a year.  Blister employs state of the art monitoring tools to continuously improve our location services supporting worldwide location-based entertainment development and deployment.