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”Location based gaming is even not in its infancy stage in Belgium and it will take a while before operators will grasp the huge potential of revenues, after which LBS gaming will really take of… Swordfish of Blister Entertainment is another example of a succesful LBS game.”

Source:, Feb. 7/05

“Blister Licenses NAVTEQ Maps to Enable Company’s Location-Based Entertainment Products”

Source: Monitor Today, Jan. 25/05 and, Feb. 7/05

“Location-Based Games Promise Real-Life Action”

Source: RCR Wireless News, Jan. 21/05

“Gone fishin'...a United Way fundraiser utilizing Blister's Swordfish cell phone game...players catch virtual fish sponsored by companies with funds going to charity.”

Source: Calgary Sun, Dec. 9/04

“Talk about reality breeding fantasy...Swordfish uses GPS-equipped phones on Bell let fishermen pursue their hobby anywhere they have cell coverage in Canada.”

Source: Telecommunications Magazine, Dec. '04

“At CTIA – I listened to a description of a fishing game that is becoming popular in Canada. My conclusion – a description was that words alone cannot always describe something!”

Source:, Nov. 9, 2004

“Never has it been more clear how important that is going to be than in hearing what is happening in the small, mobile device market.”

Source:, Nov. 2, 2004

At wireless conference, silly services rule – Concerned about coverage? It’s a good thing you didn’t go to CTIA; people there were busy playing “Swordfish”.

Source:, Oct. 29, 2004, and, Oct. 29, 2004

Blister Entertainment Launches North America’s First GPS Cell Phone Game – Calgary, Alberta, Company Quickly Becoming a Leader in Location-Based Entertainment, Sept. 29/04


“GPS-based gaming concepts are more popular in territories such as Japan – publishers are hoping booming U.S. mobile market will increase the hardware base and allow more games such as this (Swordfish) to become popular.”

Source:, Sept. 29/04

“The entertainment arena provides an excellent opportunity for carriers to work out the kinks in location-based services. At the same time, it gives cell phone users a hands-on way to test location services.”

Source:, Sept. 29/04

Blister was featured on the Technology Report on the Daily Show featuring Jon Stewart.

August 10/04

Cellphone gamers compete in reel time. GPS technology turns handset into fishing boat.

Source: Business Edge, Aug. 19/04

INNOVATOR: Into Fishing? Paul Poutanen and Jim George bring the thrill to your cellphone.

Source: National Post Business Magazine, Aug. 2004

Steve Palley Reports >>

Gone Fishing! Cellphone uses GPS so games can play just about anywhere

Source: Windsor Star, April 24/04

Calgary firm launches GPS cell phone game

Source: The Star Phoenix, April 15/04

Trolling for the big one in wireless waters

Source: Edmonton Journal, April 15/04

Spear a Swordfish on your cell

Source: Calgary Sun, April 15/04

Fishing for a good time on your cell

“ Calgary firm offers first satellite-based video game”

Source: Calgary Herald, April 15/04