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INSTRUCTIONS - version française



Swordfish is a location based fishing game that uses A-GPS technology in your phone to locate schools of fish around you.  You can even participate in fishing tournaments if one has been sponsored near you.  Location availability is dependant on where you are and usually works better in areas where you have some view of the sky.  If location is unavailable for some reason, follow the instructions or play in Offline mode. If you are having difficulty getting locations please visit


Start Play:

Select either Normal or Tournament play.  If there is a tournament near you, you can join.  If not, enter Normal mode.  Follow the prompts to scan for fish around you.  Use the navigation instructions or the scanner screen display to move to fish near you.  When in range, let out your line and fish away.


Finding the Fish:

The BLUE dots are schools of smaller fish, the ORANGE dots are larger fish.  A lock is a school of fish that is already being fished by someone else.  The circle in the middle is the IN RANGE area and you are at the centre.  Dots inside the circle blink to show they are in range.  A distance scale and compass points help you to navigate to the schools of fish. Use the Navigate button to help you find the closest fish.  Once you have selected a school of fish to go after, physically move to their location.  Once there, press OK to confirm fish are in range, then drop your line using the down button on your phone.


Land a Swordfish:

Once you hook a fish, you have to reel it in.  A tension meter is on the left of the screen.  Use the up button to reel line in and the down button to let out line.  Too much tension, the line snaps.  Too little tension, the fish escapes.  Bring the line to 0 to land the fish.  Be careful, just like real fish these monsters put up a valiant fight.


Game Settings:

You can set the game's Sound and Vibration options in the Settings menu screen.


High Scores:

Use this menu to view your own high scores or to see your ranking with other players.