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Blister Entertainment is a privately owned company with 12 team members based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The staff compliment is made-up of professional engineers, software developers, programmers, designers, art directors, musicians, artists, product developers, and marketing and communications professionals. The executive team includes:


Paul Poutanen
President, Blister Entertainment

A creative spirit combined with a business mind, Paul leads the Blister Entertainment team. He believes that ingenious product ideas combined with strong business management skills will assure our products meet our customers' gaming expectations, yet are profitable for their bottom-lines. It is this vision that pushed wireless giant, Wi-LAN, to the Internet for the first time, and also led the development of Ernst & Young's gas plant benchmarking study which today is a pillar of the oil and gas industry and the firm's largest study.

Paul knows how to identify an opportunity and has the commitment to take it all the way to market. A leader in the industrial engineering field, this professional engineer has also held leadership positions with Cell-Loc and EMG Inc.

Paul is a Donkey Kong aficionado and an amateur magician for his kid's birthday parties.


Jim George
Chairman & CEO, Blister Entertainment
Founder & CEO, KnowledgeWhere Corp.

An innovator and initiator, Jim's track record of successes are notable. A geomatics engineer and 17 year veteran of the mobile positioning systems industry, Jim began his career as an entrepreneur as the founder & CEO of Keplerian Positioning Systems (KPS) Ltd., A GPS services company; KPS was sold in 1995. Jim also held executive management positions within two wireless location companies: VP Sales, DataTrax Systems, (1995-1997) and VP Business Development, Cell-Loc Inc. (LTI:TSX:V) (1997-2003).

Jim's strength is his ability to identify product need in the marketplace and lead its development and introduction to the marketplace. An innovator who attracts early revenue, he was a member of the team to first use Global Positioning Systems commercially and is named in two patents.

Jim's experience and knowledge of GPS technology ensures he never gets lost. 


Stephen Nykolyn
VP Marketing

Stephen has a strong background in marketing and communications and is instrumental in developing the Blister brand and its portfolio of products and services.

With 14 years experience across Canada, Stephen has worked on the advertising agency side of the marketing/communications business for 8 of those years. Recently, Stephen was with a successful firm, Brown Communications, as Vice President of the company's Alberta operations. During his time with Brown Stephen helped take the firm from a start-up agency in 1999 to one of Canada's Top 50 agencies, and ranked amongst the top 10 firms in Alberta. Prior to Brown, Stephen held account management positions for Inhouse Advertising Group, Parallel Strategies, and Ernst & Young 

Stephen has a proven track record in business development, client management, and service delivery. He has consulted to and managed national and North American client accounts across a range of industries including: high tech, energy, entertainment, retail, government, construction, tourism, and telecommunications. His work with past clients have resulted in trusting relationships and increases to their bottom-lines 

Stephen currently holds the Blister record for catching the biggest Swordfish – 987 lbs in 7 seconds! Yet he still can't bait a hook.


Marc Wachmann
VP Operations, KnowledgeWhere Corp.

Marc's professional expertise is taking products from concept to revenue generation across North America, Europe, Mexico and South America. Marc's focus on the balance between customer need and product cost and delivery has led to many successes in the wireless telecom, consumer product and location arenas. His strength is the ability to identify just what needs doing and then to make it happen. While most of Marc's experience is with notable larger organizations such as Nortel Consumer Products, Nortel Wireless Networks and Cell-Loc, his real passion is start-up and early growth. To realize this passion, Marc left industry in 2003 and started his own consulting business Black Ink Ventures to help other businesses get their feet on the ground and build a solid foundation on which to grow.

Marc joined Blister and KnowledgeWhere in December 2003 and has already led a team of developers to complete two products for market trial as well as a list of products for delivery throughout 2004 and beyond 

When Marc isn't riding his Ducati motor bike, his name can be found on the local arcade's list of top scores for street bike racing.